The following procedures are in place during Covid-19 Protection Framework ORANGE setting:

    • Northbridge as an Aged Care facility is Covid 19 vaccine mandated for all staff and contractors.
    • The Café is open to residents’ families and friends, including fully vaccinated children.
    • We ask that unvaccinated guests visit residents’ apartments only and not the communal areas, bearing in mind that Northbridge is a vulnerable community. Please continue to wear your mask when indoors in communal areas.
    • The  Rest Home section of the Care Facility is open for fully vaccinated visitors from 10am – midday and 1pm – 5pm. Please respect these times, you will be RAT tested on arrival. Children  may also visit providing their accompanying adult consents to them being RAT tested if they are age 3 or older.  The Hospital and Memory Care Centre are currently closed to visitors while there are a few Covid cases in these areas.
    • Please remember to observe physical distancing, wear a mask, maintain good hand hygiene and stay home if you are sick.
  • This will be reviewed as circumstances change. If you have any queries regarding these measures, please phone 488 3080 or

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Welcome to Northbridge Lifecare Trust

Northbridge is a retirement complex in Northcote, on Auckland’s North Shore owned and managed by the Northbridge Lifecare Trust. We provide a vigorous and supportive community for people – over the age of 60.

We are a “not for profit” organisation, registered as such under the Charitable Trustees Act, one of a few in the country.

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Today retirement villages are very much a part of our urban development and environment. That was not the case in the early 1970s when the lack of planning for the wider care of the elderly recognised by a few, was brought to the attention of local authorities and other interested parties and individuals.

The intention of the early Trustees was to provide accommodation security, which was achieved from the beginning. The concept was to provide accommodation and care for their lifetime, based on the residents making a financial contribution towards the capital and maintenance costs of the complex through their Lifecare Contribution.

Northbridge Lifecare Trust Deed was established in October 1972, a structure that has remained largely unchanged through to today. Northbridge is governed by a Board of Trustees with the Director handling the day-to-day operational, financial and strategic management.

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Northbridge is a Charitable Trust so all operating surpluses remain within the Trust, used for the benefit of Village and Care Facility (Rest Home & Hospital) residents. As a not-for-profit entity we have less commercial approach compared to for profit organisations.

We have great Apartments, wonderful facilities, lovely gardens, modern Hospital and Rest Home. In short, a great physical environment.

Where we are different is our unique caring culture. Talk to anybody who has been here, knows someone here, lives here or works here. We care for each other whether we are a Trustee, employee or resident living here. That’s unique and it makes us unique, it’s who we are.

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  • The Board is bound overall by the Trust Deed

  • A commitment to provide affordable housing options.

  • A commitment to look after the people who come into Northbridge Apartments for their lifetime.

  • Provide a range of facilities and support services including recreational, Apartments, Serviced Apartments and Care Facility beds, on site.

  • To ensure sufficient financial reserves are maintained to meet our commitments.

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Northbridge is ideally located at 45 Akoranga Drive Northcote on Auckland’s North Shore. Take the Esmonde Road off ramp from the Northern Motorway. See map below.