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Village Apartments

Attractive, modern one, two and three bedroom apartments are for people who are able to live independently.

Our Apartments are refurbished and modernised internally to a high standard prior to relicensing.

Video of a One Bedroom Renovated Apartment

(Type A3)

Video of a One Bedroom Renovated Apartment

(Type A1)

Video of a Two Bedroom Renovated Apartment (Type C)

Video of our New Two Bedroom Apartment

Video of a Two Bedroom Renovated Apartment (Type Y)

Types and Sizes of Apartments:

There is a variety of types and size of Apartments with a mixture of one, two and three bedroom options. The range is:

Type Area Area Bedrooms
A1 47.6m2 513 sqft 1
A2 52.25m2 563 sqft 1
A3 64.3m2 692 sqft 1
B 78.5m2 844 sqft 2
C 92.00m2 990 sqft 2
Y 93.00m2 1001 sqft 2
E, F, G, H & V Apts from 93.00m2 1001 sqft 2
E, F, G, H & V Apts from 129.00m2 1390 sqft 3

Purchase Prices:

Type Total Licence Premium 30% Lifecare
A1 from $440,000 $308,000 $132,000
A2 from $440,000 $308,000 $132,000
A3 from $470,000 $329,000 $141,000
B  from $580,000 $406,000 $174,000
C  from $610,000 $427,000 $183,000
Y (A, B,C Apts)                    from  






E,F, G, H & V Apts
                    from    $770,000    $390,000 $231,000
                        to $1,550,000 $1,085,000 $465,000

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  • The Licence Fee

    being 70% of the total Apartment purchase price. The Licence Fee is refunded when the resident leaves the Apartment.

  • The Lifecare Contribution

    The Lifecare Contribution is paid by all residents when purchasing an Apartment. The contribution is 30% of the total purchase price paid and accrues to the Trust at 2% per month for the first 50 months at Northbridge.

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  • Every year the Trust generally spends around $2 million

    on maintenance and capital improvements to the Village and Care Facility environment as well as subsidising the cost of operating the recreation facilities.

  • In 2010 $4m was spent on modernising the Hospital

    in 2012, $5.5m was spent on replacing the Village Recreation Hub and in 2013 $850,000 was spent upgrading the Rest Home.

  • Once a resident has arrived

    in the Village all charges or costs are established on a cost recovery basis only.

  • We typically resell 15 to 25 Apartments each year

    So the only revenue earned by the Trust  to maintain and improve the Village comes from the Lifecare Contribution and any capital gain obtained on re licensing of an Apartment.


and carports are available for Apartment Residents, but not always attached to the Apartment buildings. To obtain the use of a garage or carport, Residents pay a “refundable deposit” – which is refunded to them in full when they vacate the garage/carport. The amount of the Deposit varies from a few thousand dollars for a carport to $15,000 for a large garage.

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  • The Licence Fee

    being 70% of the original total purchase price is refunded in full. Service Fees stop at the same time the keys are handed back.

  • The Lifecare Contribution

    being 30% of the original total purchase price is not refunded if the person has been in residence for 50 months (4 years and 2 months) or longer as it will have fully accrued to the Trust. If you have been in residence for a shorter time, a proportion of the Lifecare Contribution will be refunded. The Lifecare Contribution amount accrues to the Trust by 2% per month from date of entry to the Village.

  • Capital Gain

    any increase in value obtained on re-sale of the Apartment is retained by the Trust. Many people believe it is unfair for a Village to retain the capital gain when relicensing an apartment. However, when a new resident arrives in the Village the Trust makes a one-off surplus on that sale. Thereafter all fees charged to residents are based on a cost recovery basis only. So if a resident is here for 10 or 20 years and that’s not unusual at Northbridge we will not be able to generate any additional revenue from that Apartment for that period.

    We have over $200 million of buildings on 16 acres of land that needs to be maintained and upgraded. The capital gain portion of any re licensing provides an important source of additional revenue on top of the Lifecare Contribution.